Easy Call Confirmation


If the app is not working as expected please manually check the permissions in Settings. Thank you.

Android has evolved very much the last few years but something remained unresolved, the accidental outgoing phone calls!
How many times have you accidentally dialed someone with the phone in your pocket without even knowing?
Or touch the call history intending to see details of a call but instead the phone started dialing?
This application detects when a call is being placed and show a dialog for you to confirm it, showing the number, the contact name and photo if available.

In addition you can choose if you want to hide your number (Caller ID) from displaying to the receiver.

You can predefine to show the number to Everyone, Contacts, Favorites or No one; individually when you make the call.

If you have a Bluetooth headset connected there is the option to skip the confirmation.

It is a Freemium application, without ads, you have a few days to test and decide whether to buy. I’d like to provide my apps for free but I spend a lot of time developing quality apps.

I hope you understand and enjoy.

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